Julia Reynolds,

Julia has a PhD in Art and Design from AUT.

She has directed a number of short films, and worked in television and production.

Julia’s focus is on the relationship between the audience and the camera, with key skills in scriptwriting, directing actors and visualising a story.

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Wendy Cook,

Wendy Cook is a budding new author.

She has a B.A majoring in English, and a post grad in primary education.

Recently becoming a member of Romance Writers of New Zealand, she is excited about the construction and development of her first historical romance novel.

She is currently writing a new script with Julia on a webisode series.

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Grant Reynolds,
Production Designer:

Grant’s role has included production design, visual effects design and graphic design.

Since completing a BA in Design (2005) he has worked in print media, motion graphics, film & theatre set design and build.

As a co-director of Zorp with Julia, Grant is motivated by a passion for design and its influences in pop culture.

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Peter McCully,
Visual Effects:

As visual effects supervisor, Peter has overseen the visual effects for a wide range of feature films, television series and television features.

These include "The Climb", "Rain", "Crooked Earth" "Perfect Creature", "Madigan's Quest", "The Tattooist", "This is not my Life", series 1,2,and 3 of "The Almighty Johnsons", docudramas such as "Operation Overdue", WW1 drama series "When We Go To War" and the feature films "Three Mile Limit", and "Mahana" both of which were nominated for best visual effects in the 'Moas'.

His work on the telefeature "Jean" earned him a silver medal in the New York World Festivals 2017. Peter is currently in development on a WW2 drama feature.

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Mervyn Cook,
Location Sound Recordist:

Mervyn is a passionate music teacher who likes nothing better than teaching guitar or drums to his students, tinkering with sound and recording gear, and catching a good story on Netflix.

He has worked with Julia on a number of music and film projects.

He is currently working on his Master’s in Educational Leadership.

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Joe Hitchcock,
Director of Photography:

Joe has directed photography on documentaries filmed around the world as well as various local drama productions.

He has worked on big budget blockbusters and directed several films of his own, some of which you can see on his website.

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Dr Jeremy Mayall,

Dr. Jeremy Mayall is a composer/producer/performer based in Hamilton, New Zealand.

He works in music, sound art, installation and multimedia formats, with a focus on exploring his fascination in the interrelationships between sound, time, space, the senses, and the human experience.

Much of his work is collaborative, and recent projects have included work with musicians, dancers, poets, aerial silks performers, theatre practitioners, scientists, perfumers, bakers, authors, sculptors, filmmakers, pyrotechnicians, lighting designers and visual artists.

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Jason Long,
Sound Designer:

Jason is based in Hamilton and works in a variety of sound and musical contexts.

These include composition, music production, audio post-production, vocal performance, voice-over and interactive multimedia installation.

Some of which you can see on his website.

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Renee Casserly,

Renee has worked as theatre producer, in arts administration and advising and in the creative industries marketing in Waikato and abroad.

She has experience in writing, acting, directing and as First AD.

Renee and Julia have worked alongside each other on many projects.

Shepherd has been her first time co-producing a feature film.

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Danielle Soepnel,
HOD Costumes:

Danielle has a Bachelor of Science from Iowa State University majoring in apparel design.

Her strengths are in apparel assembly, textile science, pattern making, apparel manufacturing, experimental design, embroidery and fashion illustration.

She has many years of New Zealand film industry experience.

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