The Green family, during the voyage home to Earth from Mars Moon Base Phobos, encounter a phenomenon when the entire star system fades from view leaving them without navigation.

A lone light appears to one side of the shuttle. 13 year old Eden Green, grieving for her recently dead brother, believes this light will lead them home.

Years later, and haunted by guilt of the past and visions of her brother, Eden stumbles on an old travel brochure. She is stunned to see an image of a beach - a location she has seen in a recurring dream.

Believing her brother is leading her to this beach, she leaves her life and ventures out to find this beach. The journey through the bush is fraught with isolation and self-doubt.

Eden returns to her past, her memories and finally trusts what she has always been given - the guide.

She finally discovers her dreamed destination. One of impossible possibilities.